Some words in English

Now i’ll have some words in English to show that I am concerned also about things happening abroad and that we here in Germany and I in especially are Cosmopolitan from the heart her.

That Trump was elected, was a very bad news for all of us. He is a very bad man and we in Germany cannot understand how it can happen that people vote for the wrong guy. But we know that there is a huge difference between the goverment of a country and it’s people. We love all Americans, and not only because of your nice Serien we watch on the Netflix here 😉

Bot some Americans we like more than other’s. For example the woman who spoke nice at the Golden Globes is the perfect American. The Globes were broadcasted here to our television at Pro7 and Steven Gaetchen was making interviews. You know him from the Red Carpet show at the Acedemy Awards.

All free people must have to stick together for peace worldwide, because war is dangerous and leads to occupation of Germany.

We also like Starbucks hehe. I hope I will visit your beautiful country America soon, wenn Obama is president again.

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